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Welcome! Bienvenu! Wilkommen! nuqneH!

Welcome to the Wunsch Web! You have stumbled upon Scott Wunsch's personal web site. On this site, I have published some of the documents and code that I've written. I also use this site to experiment with new web technologies, so if you're not using an older web browser that is not compliant with current web standards, you may find that this site does not look quite right for you.

I will also warn you that I often don't have a lot of time to devote to this site, so don't be alarmed if some areas seem a bit stale, or a bit missing.


A few years ago I decided to write a couple tutorials on rudimentary HTML and C programming. These are they. Maybe sometime I'll write more.
Not Rocket Surgery
This is a collection of documents that I've written, explaining how to do things, and how things work in the world of computers, the Internet, and Linux.
Humour -- It's funny. Laugh. Please?
Some interesting calls I received while working for a major ISP help desk, and anything else that strikes me as mildly amusing.


Here you will find a collection of patches for various open source packages.
I like to keep the software I install on my Mandriva Linux systems managed by the RPM package manager, so I tend to build custom RPM packages for a number of things. You might find some of them useful too, I hope.
Code & Scripts
A (small) collection of programs and scripts I've written over the years. With luck (and some more spare time!), this section will soon start growing. Unfortunately, spare time seems to be a mythical thing for me, so don't count on it.


Scott's Wonderful Résumé
My curriculum vitae, for your reading enjoyment.
PGP Public Key
My PGP public key can be used to verify the authenticity of messages I sent, or to send me encrypted messages that only I can read.
Photo Album
This all started with “me + a digital camera + too many coffee breaks”... and look what's it's become!

Other Sites I Host

I host a few other sites on my servers for friends and organizations with which I'm involved. These sites include the following:

LOSURS (Linux/Open Source Users of Regina, Sask.)
A users' group for users of Linux, FreeBSD, and other similar operating systems.
Regina PC Users' Group, Inc.
A group for users of IBM compatible computers, either at home or at work.
H&W Enterprises
Makers of quality Kustom Bilt computers.
My cousin Doug's personal page
Aww, look at the cute wittle kid... ;-)
Funcky Networks
Stacey's personal site.
Dementsion Studio
Jason Desjarlais's personal site and online portfolio. I worked with Jason at DMW way back when.
Katrina's personal site